Vaughan Robinson

About  Vaughan Robinson

Vaughan was a successful industrial engineer specializing in productivity consulting in the manufacturing industry before turning to HIS REAL passion to setting up a small manufacturing studio of his own in 1988.The skills learnt were readily incorperated and used to build a small business doing what he likes best, being creative, using his hands...Gifts that have blossomed over the years.

Together with Karen his wife, a textile designer and artist, they work together as a team,putting indeas into tangible artworks, satisfying the creative spark that lives inside. Giving customers an experiance to remember.

Vaughan and Karen handmake thier work from Copper,Brass,and Nickel Silver ,based in Cooroibah,just north of Noosa, in Queensland’s sunshine state hinterland.

They have a diverse range of standard products that they produce individually on a regular basis and also offer the service of designing and making something special for clients that want something different.The custom made pieces range from electric lighting through to wall art pieces and water features.The colour of the finished pieces vary from black through to blue/green verdi, this metal colouring technique is called oxidization and is obtained using various chemical, polishes and lacquers, a technique which has been perfected over the years.

Karens faute is in design , oil and acrylic painting and mosaic work.Together these two create 24/7 and are happy to discuss making a special piece for you.