Jewellery by Vaughan

Jewelery by Vaughan :
Copper artist handmade by Vaughan Robinson.

The jewellery materials used are Copper, brass and nickel silver all hand crafted , unique creations.The style is organic and comes from the love of nature. The contrasts of metals gives interesting effects. Copper used for general health in his easy to wear designs . Uniquely all individually hand formed, polished and finished. They are not clear lacquered as we wish the life of the piece to shine through, also for copper to be of any benefit it has to be on naked flesh.

Designs evolve as the artist explores new exciting avenues. The carnivale selection is a fun bold collection of mixed metals on a cord of Greek leather.
Fashion, costume jewellery is fun to create. Vaughan is tallented in this department , he creates with ease.These pieces let one dream of what they represent for you, they each have little stories to tell, use the imagination ..

Available in select boutiques / galleries or at our shop at eumundi square, napier street , eumundi.or shop online.
Today the market is flooded with immitation and copy work , here you can have the real deal, unique and really handmade right here in Australia.

brac-13-brass and paua wide one off

brac-13-brass and paua wide one off

A unique one off Paua shell bangle. The main framework is Copper ,brass and nickel silver. Vaughan makes each bangle individually so they each have their own signature.