Bronzed Baby Shoes

Bronzed Baby Shoes by copper-artist Vaughan Robinson

Keep those memories alive.

Send us  your special treasured first pair of baby’s shoes and we will copper plate them and return post them to you.

INTRODUCTORY PRICE. AU$95.00 each shoe Plus add postage.

Please contact us for more information.
Amazing old school technique used and the outcome is adorable keepsake first shoes.Nice gift for the kids when they all grown up.
Hard to believe that they were that tiny.

This is age old technique and idea for storing those little shoes. The shoes go through a couple of processes. Firstly they are thoroughly cleaned, then dried, sealed then painted with a copper solution to attract further copper from the current filled bath it is immersed in. The bath of solution has a copper plate in it , this is where the process of plating takes place. Electrical current is passed though the bath and copper filings adhere to the prepared shoes. The process for us takes a while as the bath only does one pair at a time. This way we can controll plating finish . The shoes are then coloured by the patination process and lacquered.

The-copper- artist and pelican sculpture

The-copper artist and pelican sculpture

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