Handmade creations since 1988
Vaughan Robinson the copper artist is an industrial engineer , now passionate artist hand makes his creations from Copper,Brass,and Nickel Silver . Vaughan and wife Karen are a team based in Cooroibah hinterland,just north of Noosa, in Queensland’s sunshine state. Vaughan the Copper-artist has a diverse range of standard products that is produced individually on a regular basis and also offer¬†the service of designing and making something special for clients that want something different.

The custom made pieces range from electric lighting through to wall art pieces and . Huge and small, Passion is the name of the game and copper is the material.Warm pliable earthy copper is his passion.

We can design a unique piece of artwork for you to your specifications or let us indulge in creation for you. We have 30 years experiance in the game with heaps of knowledge in the design and manufacture .

Being creative is our birthright, we are all creative in our own way. Here we create pieces of art to uplift one, to be functional or just whimsy folly. Vaughan like to work in copper as it is a soft metal, warm and friendly. He makes spectacular artpieces from a sheet of copper and copper tube. The designs and ideas are limitless…come create with us.